Sellers/Vendors Prohibited Products

1. Online seller/vendors are not allowed to sell any dangerous goods, counterfeit goods, Intellectual Property (IP) infringement product, and/or any illegal item such as drug, egg of turtle, and so on. Failing to comply, our company CREATEBIZ EMALL SDN. BHD. will log a police report against the online seller/vendors. Online seller/vendors will also face legal action taken by our company for the reputation damage and revenue damage. 

2. During pre-delivery, if  online seller/vendors insert other things which is not supposed to be include in their product, dangerous goods, and any other illegal item such as drug into their products for delivery without CREATEBIZ EMALL SDN. BHD. Written consent , our company will log a police report against the online seller/vendors and also face legal action by our company for the reputation and revenue damage. 

3. CREATEBIZ EMALL SDN. BHD. also may delete, suspend, remove contents posted by sellers, upon any form or suspicious activities, and/or complaints by buyers and/or potential buyers. CREATEBIZ EMALL SDN BHD have the full discretion to terminate sellers membership or account as online seller/vendors.

4. If seller/vendors sell fake product, provide inaccurate product and provide wrong product to delivery runner and buyers, CREATEBIZ EMALL SDN. BHD. reserve the right to take action against merchant/seller/vendors by impose penalty fee and merchant/seller/vendors compulsory to refund the money to the affected buyers. Merchant/seller/vendors also may risk face termination. Seller/vendors will face legal action if do not pay for penalty fee and do money refund to the customer.   

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