Return/Refund Policy

Dear Buyers,

Should there be the unfortunate events which you have to return and /or refund the merchandise you have purchased, please follow the following return and refund policy:-

1. Identify what products are returnable and/or refundable.

·      If buyer did not received product (especially if the parcel was lost/misplaced by the logistics company)

·      The product you purchased is different from the product you received (and also including wrong size and colour you have initially selected)

·      Parts of the product is missing or incomplete based on the description provided by the vendor/seller for the product (however, due to some pictures are for illustration purposes (Vendors must make this explicitly clear), please ensure your read and follow the item description clearly before purchase. We will likely base our refund decision on the product description when investigating, but will also penalized the vendor/sellers for not being more explicit with any picture illustration purposes)

·      Products you received were physically damaged, dented, scratched, and/or cracked

·      If you received counterfeit products (especially when the vendor/sellers explicitly wrote “original branded product available”)

·      Perishable products such as freshly food or drinks, frozen food, dairy and eggs, bakery, live plants are not returnable nor refundable (unless upon delivery, you immediately identified that the product was not the one you have ordered, and the delivery person confirms the differences on the spot when comparing your order receipt) NOTE to SELLERS/VENDORS For perishable product, sellers will not be paid when the delivery personal confirms that the product delivered was inaccurate from the buyers purchase receipt. Further penalty and/or warnings will be given to the sellers/vendors.

·      Certain types of clothing such as men or women’s innerwear / underwear, face masks, are also not returnable nor refundable

·      Services and/or digital products such as online tickets, vouchers, and any of our Young Entrepreneurs Digital Services, are not returnable nor refundable.

CreateBiz Emall Sdn Bhd  will investigate all return and refund request before making a decision to refund. Upon identifying that your situation fits the above lists, buyers have to take the following steps next:-

·      Provide evidence of the product condition via submitting a clear photo and/or video that clearly supports the reasons for your return and request for the refund. (please also provide evidence of the packaging, BEST BEFORE and also after you have open the packaging)

·      Please submit your return and/or refund request within 7-days of the product received (based on the logistic company’s shipping manifest). Any return and/or refund request made after 7-days of product received, will require buyer to provide additional evidence to support your reasons for such delays.

·      Please submit your picture and/or videos by clicking HERE together with the official Createbiz purchase receipt. You may also find the Return/Refund option under the Item Received Tab in your CreateBiz purchases history. (Please be reminded that this request will only be available within 7-days of product received date according to the shipping manifest)

Please wait for Createbiz to investigate and make a decision or request for further clarification from all parties involved. Please follow the instructions/requests provided by Createbiz Customer Care. AFTER CreateBiz Customer Care APPROVED the return / refund request:-

·      For certain products, Buyers will only receive the refunds upon the safe return of the product to the sellers. Upon the instructions of CreateBiz Customer Care, Buyers are then required to properly packed the product and then return the product to seller/vendor properly. 

·      Please ensure the product is safely and properly packed before you submit it to a logistic company/provider of your choice.

·      Please take a picture of the parcel/package together with the shipping notes (and tracking codes) generated by the logistic company of your choice, and then submit all these details to CreateBiz Customer Care for tracking purposes.

·      Unfortunately for now, buyers will have to bear the cost of the return postages; however, in near future, CreateBiz will improve our own logistic system and provide better options/value for our buyers.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Return/Refund policies, we welcome you to contact us by e-mail at

Last modified: 01 APRIL 2022

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